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Mr.Ma Shang, the Brazilian Ambassador to China Visited Hopefull Grain and Oil Group

Release time:2016-10-25

On 20 October, Mr. Ma Shang, the Brazilian Ambassador to China,accompanied by Mr. Marcelo, second secretary, visited Hopefull Grain and Oil Group.
Ma is Brazil's new ambassador to China, he visited each Chinese company that has relations with Brazil. He said that because the Hopefull Grain and Oil Group
and Brazil trade on a large scale and have had such long term co-operation, the Hopefull Grain and Oil Group was to be included in the first batch of Chinese
companies to visit.
Wu Wenzhong, General Manager of Huifu Grain and Oil Group Refined Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd., and Wu Yuhua, President of China-US Europe Technology Co., Ltd., received the delegation and discussed the development status of Hopefull Grain and Oil Group and international trade.
Hopefull Grain and Oil Group and Brazil has a close international trade partnership with Brazil under Hopefull’s agricultural trading company. With the
establishment of the port in San Francisco, Hopefull Grain and Oil Group is the only Chinese company that owns a port in Brazil for the national grain and oil enterprises.
Since 2005, Hopefull Grain and Oil Group has been successively listed on“Top 500 Enterprises of China”,“ Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises of China” and“ Top 10 Enterprises of Chinese Food Industry” each year. At present, the locations are Yanjiao Heibei, Taizhou Jiangsu, Panjin Liaoning.They focus on enhancing the three major brands (Fumanying, Huifu,Jinhuifu), the construction of grain and oil processing, international trade,port logistics, and biotechnology as a whole comprehensive enterprise group.
Mr.Ma is still confident of Hopefull Grain and Oil Group's development prospect.He stressed that the Brazilian Embassy will make every effort to promote cooperation between enterprises in China and Brazil are willing to continue to deepen this relationship. They will help Hopefull Grain and Oil Group in modern agricultural development, port facilities and other aspects of cooperation,investment and trade business, and solve business problems encountered.

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